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Lightweight Plywood Boards: Strength and Versatility in a Lightweight Package

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Welcome to Picó Plywood’s page dedicated to Lightweight Plywood Boards, where we showcase our exceptional plywood product designed to offer strength, durability, and versatility in a lightweight package. In this section, we will explore what Lightweight Plywood Boards are, their remarkable features, diverse applications, reasons to choose Picó Plywood for your plywood needs, as well as provide contact information for further inquiries.

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lightweight plywood Specifications

Lightweight Plywood Board Specifications

Picó Lightweight plywood is a panel made of outer faces peeled Ceiba or Ilomba veneers with tropical woods inner-layers. Outer faces with longitudinal grain, thanks to its considerable light weight and ease of machining it’s suitable for decorative  coating using plastic laminates or melamine papers in furniture sectors.

Pico Lightweight plywood is made in accordance with European and International technical regulations in force.

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Picó Plywood’s Lightweight Plywood Boards offer strength, versatility, and weight reduction without compromising on performance. With a commitment to quality, expertise, and customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner for high-quality plywood solutions.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and experience the exceptional quality of Picó Plywood’s Lightweight Plywood Boards.

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What are Lightweight Plywood Boards?

Lightweight Plywood Boards are specialized plywood products engineered to provide excellent strength and structural integrity while significantly reducing weight. These boards are made using carefully selected lightweight core materials, such as Poplar or Paulownia, which possess excellent strength-to-weight ratios.

The lightweight nature of these boards makes them easier to handle, transport, and install, without compromising on performance.

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Plywood Supplier • Picó Plywood • Special Panels • Lightweight Plywood

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Remarkable Features and Quality

At Picó Plywood, we take pride in delivering Lightweight Plywood Boards of exceptional quality. Our boards are manufactured using high-quality lightweight core materials, combined with durable face and back veneers. This careful construction ensures that our boards offer the necessary strength, stability, and durability, while being significantly lighter compared to traditional plywood boards.

lightweight plywood Applications

Diverse Applications

Lightweight Plywood Boards offer remarkable versatility and can be utilized in various applications where weight reduction is essential without sacrificing performance. Here are some common uses:

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Interior Design and Furniture

Lightweight Plywood Boards are ideal for interior design and furniture applications. They can be used for partitions, ceiling panels, wall cladding, lightweight furniture components, and more. The reduced weight of these boards makes them easier to handle during installation and enhances their versatility in creating innovative and lightweight design solutions.

RVs and Mobile Homes

Lightweight Plywood Boards are widely used in the construction of recreational vehicles (RVs) and mobile homes. Their lightweight nature contributes to fuel efficiency and overall weight reduction, allowing for better mobility without compromising structural integrity.

Exhibition and Trade Show Booths

Lightweight Plywood Boards are favored in the construction of exhibition booths and trade show displays. Their lighter weight makes them easier to transport, assemble, and dismantle, enabling faster setup and reducing overall logistical challenges.

Marine Applications

Lightweight Plywood Boards find applications in marine industries, such as boat interiors, yacht furnishings, and lightweight boat construction. The reduced weight contributes to improved buoyancy and fuel efficiency without compromising on durability and strength.

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Reasons to Choose Picó for your Lightweight Plywood Needs

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Contact Information

To learn more about our Lightweight Plywood Boards or discuss your project requirements, please reach out to us through the following channels.

Okoume Plywood Testimonials

Customers reviews

"Picó Plywood's Okoumé Throughout Plywood Boards provided excellent durability and stability for our boatbuilding project. The quality of the boards was exceptional, and their lightweight nature made the construction process efficient."
John M.
"We chose Picó Plywood's Okoumé Throughout Plywood Boards for our furniture production, and we were impressed with the quality and aesthetic appeal they offered. The boards were easy to work with, and the end results exceeded our expectations."
Sarah W.
ChatGPTFurniture Manufacturer
"Picó Plywood's Okoumé Throughout Plywood Boards have become our go-to choice for interior design projects. The boards' consistency, smoothness, and attractive appearance have added a touch of elegance to our clients' spaces."
Michael H.
Interior Designer
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