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Welcome to Picó Plywood’s page dedicated to Poplar Plywood Board, where we showcase our exceptional plywood product known for its versatility, lightweight nature, and sustainable qualities. In this section, we will explore what Poplar Plywood Board is, its remarkable features, versatile applications, reasons to choose Picó Plywood for your plywood needs, as well as provide contact information for further inquiries.

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POPLAR PLYWOOD Specifications

Poplar Plywood Board Specifications

Picó Poplar plywood is totally made of Poplar veneers. Characteristics of Poplar veneer are: light weight, light color, high homogeneity. Wood is generally white often with a slightly yellowish color.

Poplar plywood is made in accordance with European and International technical regulations in force

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True passion

Picó Plywood’s Poplar Plywood Board offers exceptional versatility, lightweight nature, and sustainability for a wide range of applications. With a commitment to quality, sustainability, expertise, and customer satisfaction, we are your trusted partner for high-quality plywood solutions. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and experience the exceptional quality of Picó Plywood’s Poplar Plywood Board.


What is Poplar Plywood Board?

Poplar Plywood Board is a high-quality plywood product made from Poplar veneers. Poplar, a fast-growing hardwood species, is known for its lightness, stability, and ease of workability. The Poplar veneers used in the plywood board are carefully selected for their uniform grain patterns, smooth texture, and consistent quality, resulting in a reliable and versatile board.

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POPLAR plywood quality

Remarkable Features and Quality

At Picó Plywood, we take pride in delivering Poplar Plywood Boards of exceptional quality. Our boards are constructed using a strong and stable plywood core made from Poplar veneers. The Poplar veneers offer a lightweight yet sturdy board, making it suitable for various applications. The uniform grain patterns and smooth texture of the veneers provide an aesthetically pleasing surface, ready for finishing or direct use.


Versatile Applications

Poplar Plywood Boards offer remarkable versatility and can be utilized in various applications. Here are some common uses:

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Furniture and Cabinetry

The lightweight nature and ease of workability of Poplar Plywood Boards make them an ideal choice for furniture and cabinetry projects. They are often used to create high-quality cabinets, drawers, shelving, and other furniture pieces that require both functionality and aesthetics.

Interior Design and Decorative Applications

Poplar Plywood Boards are popular in interior design and decorative applications. They can be used for wall paneling, ceiling treatments, custom installations, and other decorative features. The smooth surface of the boards allows for easy painting, staining, or veneering, enabling endless design possibilities.

DIY and Craft Projects

Poplar Plywood Boards are favored by DIY enthusiasts and crafters due to their lightweight nature and ease of handling. They can be used for a wide range of projects such as signage, model making, toy manufacturing, and other creative endeavors

Packaging and Display

The lightweight yet sturdy nature of Poplar Plywood Boards makes them suitable for packaging solutions and display purposes. They can be used for creating custom crates, stands, product displays, and promotional materials that require both strength and portability.

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Reasons to Choose Picó for your Poplar Plywood Needs

POPLAR Plywood Contact

Contact Information

To learn more about our Poplar Plywood Boards or discuss your project requirements, please reach out to us through the following channels

POPLAR Plywood Testimonials

Customers reviews

"Picó Plywood's Okoumé Throughout Plywood Boards provided excellent durability and stability for our boatbuilding project. The quality of the boards was exceptional, and their lightweight nature made the construction process efficient."
John M.
"We chose Picó Plywood's Okoumé Throughout Plywood Boards for our furniture production, and we were impressed with the quality and aesthetic appeal they offered. The boards were easy to work with, and the end results exceeded our expectations."
Sarah W.
ChatGPTFurniture Manufacturer
"Picó Plywood's Okoumé Throughout Plywood Boards have become our go-to choice for interior design projects. The boards' consistency, smoothness, and attractive appearance have added a touch of elegance to our clients' spaces."
Michael H.
Interior Designer
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